Two Goats (Georgia Review) - An Armenian folk tale.

La Consegna (Edizioni Black Coffee) - My Hobart story, The Delivery, translated into Italian

The Delivery (Hobart) - An immigrant makes an unconventional delivery.

Winch - (Portland Review Vol. 63) - A story of an Oklahoma sheriff who finds salvation during a flood.  

The Miracle of the Loaf (Carver) - A long short story about refugees coming to Europe and those who do not want them.

A Rare Sighting (Guernica) - A short story about Bigfoot. 

The Green Parrot (Per Contra) - A longish story about marriage and the limitations of sexual freedom.

The Smell of Honey (Tijschrift Het Ei) -A longer short about a man finding his white identity.

Glasnost (Reading Room) - A short story about love in the time of the Soviet Union's collapse. 

The Death of Fiction (Global Graffiti) - A longish detective short story. 

Laser Surgery (Free Williamsburg) - A short story about racism and gentrification in Brooklyn.

The Day Ann Landers Died (Chelsea Vol. 76 )

Ararat's Shadow (Ararat)

Marlboro Man (Capra Review) - A short story about a man searching for the Dutch “samenleving.” 

A Regular Disappointment (Mr. Beller's Neighborhood)

Papier Mache (Promethean)