Bleeding Out The Jinn (Hazlitt) - About genies and my own personal immigration nightmare. 

The Role of a Toy in an Autistic Boy's Life (The Atlantic Monthly) - A personal essay about my son's best friend who is a plastic Playmobil doll. 

Proposing Citizenship To Save Marriage - (New York Times) - Time Lives piece about my surprise marriage. 

Vladimir Putin Is Destroying My Dream Home (Buzzfeed) - A personal essay about gas-extraction and earthquakes in Northern Holland.  

How a Ten Year-Old Autistic Boy Uses Slow-Motion Video to Explain His World (Art of Autism) - Videos and explanation of my autistic son's videos

The Dutch Exorcist Doctors (America Magazine) - The rising number of traditional Islamic doctors in the Netherlands.

Wrathful Wiccan Wikipedians (Litro Magazine) - A piece about my father’s Wikipedia page.

This Is How Our 10- Year Old Autistic Son Photographs The World He Sees (The Mighty) - A sampling Of Some Of My Son's Photographs 

Burning Man (Dutch Magazine) - A two part story about Dutch asylum law and the immigrants who resort to setting themselves on fire. 

Denver Is Not Amsterdam, But Watch Out For Pot Tourists (Denver Post) - A short piece about the pitfalls of marijuana tourism. 

De Wietdampen in Amsterdam (Het Parool) - The Denver Post piece above reprinted in Amsterdam's biggest newspaper. 

Autisme in Nederland (Laatste Woord, Het Parool) - How the Dutch special needs system fails autistic individuals, including my son.  

A Dutch Dissonance (Guernica) - How the Dutch anti-immigration party is not so far from the center.

My Banned Book (Denver Post) - Sometimes censorship comes from the right as well as the left, with my first novel as example. 

Clothe the Naked (Teenreads) - Why one of my favorite stories I taught to my Dominican students was written by Dorothy Parker.

Springer Encyclopedia of Sciences and Religions - An entry on the successes and failures of Creative Writing Programs in the U.S.

Blame (Motherwell) - An essay about blame and family.

Hervorm de Literatuurlijst (Volkskrant) - Opinion about the reading list in Dutch schools.